Elevating Engagement with Fernet Branca's AR Bar Crawl.

The Problem

Fernet Branca was silent as a brand for over 50 years. They didn't know how to create a buzz around them during Tales of Cocktails.

The Solution

We crafted an exciting AR scavenger hunt at a few of the iconic New Orleans bars, seamlessly blending history with cutting-edge tech. Participants explored the city and bars, scanning QR codes and branded markers. This experience combines digital elements with bar exploration, fostering social interaction, and competition.

IT development of the web-based AR game.
IT development of the web-based AR game.
Building 3D models of the company’s mascot.
Building 3D models of the company’s mascot.
Animating dances  of the company’s mascot.
Animating dances of the company’s mascot.

Defining the goal & Ideation

Fernet Branca and Madwell had a clear goal in mind - to entertain the participants of the event and demonstrate that their brand is adventurous and constantly engaged in exciting activities. We quickly found a solution and the client enthusiastically gave the green light to the game idea and its execution.


Gathering the designs for the web pages & email templates, and creating the 3D model from scratch. Working closely with Madwell, we ensured the iconic essence of Ferent Branca’s beloved mascot remained intact throughout.

Visual Development

Visual Development - GIF

The visual development stage included: perfecting the 3D model, then animating dances native to New Orleans - the Charleston & the Bounce. Then, we matched the complicated moves to the anatomy of the character.

IT Development

Our approach was centered on creating solutions that prioritize user-friendliness and intuitive navigation.

Fernet branca It dev - photo

We crafted two distinct game paths, catering to both coaster and poster scanners. This meticulous dual strategy ensured a tailored experience for every participant. Our dedicated team invested considerable effort, in conducting rigorous and ongoing tests on a variety of devices.

This diligent process allowed us to fine-tune our solutions, making necessary adjustments based on invaluable feedback garnered from these tests.

Quality assurance

Each step of the way, we’ve tested the game on our many devices but the true test was in New Orleans. Testing the scavenger hunt in the actual locations was crucial to set up the geolocation correctly, so that it was accurate & didn’t allow any cheating, because some of the locations were close to each other.



The client effectively engaged their existing customer base and captured the attention of new enthusiasts for their brand, highlighting the newest Fernet Branca drink. Participants navigated the city, effortlessly scanning QR codes and various markers like posters, and branded coasters. Geolocation streamlined marker identification and real-time tracking, complemented by timely email updates that engaged and informed participants throughout the journey.

Our solution hit the jackpot as we orchestrated an immersive AR scavenger hunt across renowned New Orleans bars that significantly raised brand awareness of the brand.

Client: Fernet Branca
Agency: Madwell
Project Manager and Art Director: Paulina Bogińczuk
3D Designer: Mateusz Baranowski
IT Development: James Woods , Damian Pendrak

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